BrightCloud Threat Intelligence API Overview

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services unify access to the Webroot® Intelligence Network, including contextual data used to develop reputation scores for various objects such as URLs, IPs, mobile applications and files.

Web Classification & Reputation API calls

This service provides content classification for billions of web pages, more than any other service available today. Keep your customers safe from web-based threats using 83+ classification categories, while also improving network performance by blocking unwanted content.

Just as a credit score predicts the risk of loans or investments, a reputation score forecasts the security risk of visiting a website. Offer customers industry-leading protection against malicious sites, leveraging the Webroot Reputation Index to finely tune security settings based on unique business needs.

We support API calls to return content classification and reputation information on one or more URLs, as well as extended reputation information, WHOIS information, category name and ID listing, phishing score, or making phishing submissions.

Please visit these pages for more information on Content Classification and Web Reputation.

IP API calls

This service analyzes IP threats and publishes a dynamic data set of high-risk IP addresses, providing intelligence on malicious IPs and insight into inbound and outbound communication to provide your customers industry-leading protection against malicious IPs in near real time.

We support API calls to return threat information, geographical information, or threat information on one or more IPs.

Please visit IP Reputation for more information.

Real-Time Anti-Phishing

Purpose-built to catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose an organization to breaches and data loss, this service provides time-of-need protection through real-time scans before sites are visited.

Please visit Real-Time Anti-Phishing for more information.

Mobile App API calls

This service collects detailed application data, then categorizes and assigns a score using multi-stage analysis and advanced algorithms. This enables enterprises to deliver mobile applications that are safe and compliant, and ensure devices connected to their networks don't pose unnecessary risk.

We support API calls to return reputation information for an application. The method will attempt to obtain sample-specific reputation first, and if no sample is found, it will attempt to compute aggregate reputation for the package.

Please visit Mobile App Reputation for more information

File MD5 API calls

A continuously updated real-time lookup service of known malicious and white-listed file identifiers provides dynamic file reputation information to stop the distribution of malware threats through networks.

We support API calls to return reputation information for a file given its binary MD5.

Please visit File Repuation for more information.

Contextual Database API calls

We support API calls to return contextual information from the contextual database for binary URL.

Get Started

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